MA in Philosophy


The Programme provides advanced philosophical studies in certain philosophical domains. It offers an MA in two separate specialisations:

  • History of Philosophy, in which the following professors teach: Pantelis Golitsis, Vassilis Kalfas, Dimitris Kokoris, Filimon Peonidis, Panagiotis Thanassas and George Zografidis
  • Systematic Philosophy, in which the following professors teach: Socratis Delivoyatzis, Panagiotis Doikos, Eleni Kalokairinou and Theodoros Penolidis


All courses are offered in Modern Greek. The Programme accepts graduates from all schools of Universities and Technological Educational Institutes. The announcement for admission is usually posted every June, the applications for admission are accepted from 1 to 30 September and the exams are carried out in early October. The duration of studies is four (4) semesters, during which the MA students are to accumulate 120 ECTS credits, by successfully attending six (6) three-hour MA courses-seminars and completing an MA thesis.


  • Director of the Programme: Prof. Socratis Delivoyiatzis