M.Sc. in Educational Science


The M.Sc. Programme "Educational Science" (M.Sc. ES) focuses on issues related to educational theory, formal and non-formal education and informal learning (e.g. family and pre-school education, school and higher education, adult and continuing education, media education, education and ICT) and aims at the preparation of graduate students and education professionals for their current and future activities in the fields of research and practice. More specifically its objectives are the following:

(A) to specialize and provide its participants with an in-depth theoretical training to any of the five offered fields of specialization (branches) of Education,

(B) to engage its participants in active and diverse activities in the educational field of their interest and in assisting them to employ professional action with relevant applications in educational practice,

(C) to engage its participants in carrying field research in any of the five areas of specialization.


The five areas specialization are the following:

 1. International Education (historical development, epistemological, theoretical and methodological issues with applications in Peace Education, Intercultural Education and Comparative Education)

2. Special Education (educational and social support for students with disabilities or special educational needs and issues relating to the role of the teacher)

3. Historical Education (history of pedagogical ideas and their influence on the configuration of the modern school, history of modern Greek education since the establishment of the Modern Greek state until the 1990s)

 4. School Education (structure, sociology and especially internal operation of the school, historical development, epistemological assumptions, pedagogical theories and models of various pedagogical resources namely curricula, textbooks, teaching practices and literary education

5. Continuing Education (general adult education and vocational education, continuing professional development scientific consolidation of adult education and lifelong learning).


The programme equals to 150 ECTS and includes the following modules:

(A) three (3) common compulsory core courses for students of all specializations, and four (4) specialization courses - 70 ECTS

(B) Independent Learning (research project on a subject in a specialization field) - 10 ECTS

(C) supervised educational practice module with internship of 260 hours - 10 ECTS

(D) postgraduate thesis - 60 ECTS


The M.Sc. "Educational Science" is announced every two years and its duration is five semesters. Candidates sit a written examination and an aural interview.


  • Director of the Programme: Associate Professor Kyriakos Bonidis