DOIKOS, Panagiotis

Associate Professor
OB 209α
Research Interests: 
  • Ontology – Metaphysics
  • Theory of Knowledge
  • Aesthetics - especially Aesthetics of Cinema Literature, Painting and Music
  • Oriental Philosophy


Selected Publications: 
  1. P. Doikos, Spinoza. Imagination, knowledge and prophecy, Athens, Ellinika Grammata 2000.
  2. P. Doikos, Plato, Phaedrus, study - translation - comments, Thessaloniki, Zitros 2001.
  3. P. Doikos, The logic of forms in the cinema of Orson Welles, Athens, Indiktos 2006.
  4. P. Doikos, The "death of God" and the metaphysical man, Athens, Indiktos 2008.
  5. P. Doikos, The life of the ideal in cinema. "A mad, mad family", by Dinos Dimopoulos, Athens, Papazisιs 2012.
  6. P. Doikos, Kierkegaard and  Mollâ Sadrâ. The question of existence and the oriental thought, Thessaloniki, Romi 2013.
  7. P. Doikos, "The dilemma “myth or history?” and the ambiguity of imagination", Philologos 84 (1996), pp.149-69.
  8. P. Doikos, "The language and the truth of cinema", Indiktos 12-13 (2001), pp.157-70.
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  11. P. Doikos, "Τhe original subject and the experience of nothing", Eneken 21 (2011), pp.54-71.
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