FOUKAS, Vassilis

Assistant Professor
ΟΒ 209β
Full CV: 
Research Interests: 
  • History of pedagogical ideas
  • History of Modern Greek Education
  • Local Educational History
  • History of Teacher Education
Selected Publications: 
  1. V. Foukas, The pedagogical training of Secondary teachers in Greece (1837-1910): Searches, opinions, prospects, Thessaloniki: Kyriakidis Brothers’ Publishing House 2005 (in Greek)
  2. V. Foukas, The Faculty of Philosophy of University of Thessaloniki: Study and students at the interwar period (1926-1940),Thessaloniki: Kyriakidis Brothers’ Publishing House 2010 (in Greek)
  3. D. Kyritsis & V. Foukas, Investigating the Local History of Thessaloniki: Opinions, attitudes and cognitive level of students and the effect of family and school in their configuration, Thessaloniki: Centre of History of Municipality of Thessaloniki 2010 (in Greek)
  4. S. Ziogou & V. Foukas (ed.), Schools and Teachers of Thessaloniki (19th cent. - Interwar): Portraits of benefactors and teachers, Thessaloniki:  Despina Kyriakidis 2013 (in Greek)
  5. V. Foukas, The Pedagogical theory and science in Greece (18th and 19th century): Key representatives - representative texts, Thessaloniki : Despina Kyriakidis 2014 (in Greek)
  6. S. Ziogou & V. Foukas, «Megali tou Genous Scholi and the teachers’ education from the 19th until the first decades of 20th century», 4th Scientific Conference Proceedings 30November 2002, in The Patriarchal Megali tou Genous Scholi. History and Contribution, Athens: Company of Study of our East 2004, p. 101-166 (in Greek)
  7. S. Ziogou, S. Vacharoglou, V. Foukas, «Maraslio Greek-French Commercial and Practical Lyceum of Stefanos Noukas: School’s feature, studies and students (1895-1914), in S. Ziogou-Karastergiou, Education in Thessaloniki, 19th and 20th century,Thessaloniki: Municipality of Thessaloniki–Center of History 2006, p. 303-334 (in Greek)
  8. V. Foukas, «"…young askers and no finders job or the innumerable ‘army of pen’…": The professional choices of young during the Interwar period. Views of professors and students of the Thessaloniki’s University», in: S. Bouzakis (ed.), History of Higher Education. 4th Scientific Conference of the History of Education Proceedings, Patra 6-8 October 2006, Athens: Gutenberg 2008, p. 411-434 (in Greek)
  9. S. Ziogou, V. Foukas, P. Chatzimpei, «Childhood and Pedagogical theory in Greece (19th – first decades of the 20th century): From “the small adult” to the “child’s psychology”», in: L. Hopkins, M. Macleod, W.C. Turgeon (eds), Negotiating Childhoods,Oxford U.K.: Inter-Disciplinary Press 2010, p. 87-97
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  11. V. Foukas, «Childhood and pedagogical theory in Greece (18th century - Interwar): From the theory of the 'small adult' to the 'child’s psychology'», in: Pedagogical Review, issue 57, 2014, p. 43-58 (in Greek)
  12.  V. Foukas, «Internationalization of pedagogical theory and the reflections on the Greek case, 1830-1930», in: Menon: Journal of Educational Research, 3, 2014, p. 64-74