General Info


The minimum duration of studies is eight (8) semesters, and the maximum is twelve (12) semesters. After this, students may register for courses only if they satisfy the conditions to continue their studies, as the latter will be defined by the statutory organization of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Students for whom it is an established fact that they work at least 20 hours a week, are eligible to register for the courses as part-time students for a maximum of sixteen (16) semesters of studies. In the beginning of each semester students register for the semester and for the courses they select.


  • Course Registration

   In the beginning of each semester, on a date set by the School’s Secretariat, students are to register and electronically submit their registration for the courses they intend to attend during the semester (students’ online-services). The deadlines are definitive and after they pass, there is no possibility to register for courses. For the students who do not have access to a computer, there are computers available at the PC Pool of the School of Philosophy and Education (the hours are announced by the School’s Secretariat).

   The number of courses students are eligible to register for each semester is eight (8), regardless of their accumulated ECTS credit units. Students attending the 7th or higher semester are eligible to register for up to ten (10) courses. Students can register for up to two (2) Teaching Methodologies during the same semester.


  • Exam Period

   There are two exam periods for every course, whether it is taught in one or both semesters of an academic year (winter or spring semester, taught by the same or different faculty members). The first period is the one following the specific semester, be it winter or spring, whereas the second is the re-sit examination period in September. In case students fail to pass a compulsory course, they need to register again for the course and re-attend it in a following semester.


  • Diploma Thesis

   Students in their 8th semester can choose to work on and submit a diploma thesis. Students who select this option, and if they do so successfully, they accumulate a) 10 ECTS from their required specialisation elective courses, if they have selected the specialisation of Philosophy and b) 8 ECTS from the free elective courses, if they have selected the specialisation of Education.