Other Laboratories


  • Laboratory of Experimental Education (Old Building, room 111, tel. 2310.99.7328)

     Director: Konstantinos Bikos

Alexandros Delmouzos, the first Professor of Education in the Faculty of Philosophy of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and a main representative of Progressive Education in Greece, attempted to set up the laboratory. His proposal was rejected by the Ministry and this was one of the reasons that led to his resignation. Today, the laboratory accommodates the research conducted by the Department, as well as other academic activities.


  • Microteaching Laboratory (New Wing, tel. 2310.99.7302)

     Director: Konstantinos Bikos

Founded in 1999, it is equipped with modern media of educational technology, teaching aids and other teaching material, and mainly addresses students of the Department of Education as well as postgraduate students from other Schools related to educational, social and teaching issues. Both postgraduate students and teachers posted from Secondary Education participate in its research and teaching activities.


  • Laboratory of philosophical research on the Imaginary (Old Building, room 213, tel. 2310.99.7334)

     Director: Socratis Delivoyatzis

Founded in 1998, it promotes the idea of connecting principal elements of Ancient Greek thought with modern and contemporary aspects of philosophy. For this reason, it hosts special scientific meetings and seminars for Greek and foreign experts, while it also aims to undertake the publication of certain important works and to publish a philosophical review on the imaginary.