OB 110
Research Interests: 
  • Didactics (Teaching and Learning Methodology)
  • History of Didactics
  • History of Education
  • Educational Policy 
Selected Publications: 
  1. D. Mavroskoufis, “Multiperspectivity and Teaching of Modern Greek Education History at University: The Case of Educational Reform of 1964-1965”, in N. Papadakis - N. Chaniotakis [Eds]. Education, Society and Politics. Volume in honor of Professor Y. Pirgiotakis. Athens: Pedio, 2011.
  2. D. Mavroskoufis – Y. Mpetsas, “What should we do to assimilate non-Greek speakers? The education-language program of the Association of Education for linguistic assimilation of non-Greek speakers in Greece, in Greek Language and Education’, Proceedings of 6th Conference on Scientific Conference on History of Education, Patras: University of Patras, 30 Sept. – 1 Oct. 2011.
  3. D. Mavroskoufis – D. Kyritsis, “History Teaching either for inclusion or exclusion? Experiences and views of students from Greece and around the world”, στο Proceedings of the 12th International Conference of BASOPED “Inclusive Education in the Balkan Countries: Policy and Practices”. Thessaloniki: Kyriakidis, 2011.  
  4. D. Mavroskoufis, “Teaching and Learning in Higher Education”, στο C. Spyridonidis [Ed.], Improving learning quality in architectural education environments. 15th Meeting of Heads of Schools of Architecture. Center for Mediterranean Architecture, Chania – Crete, 1 – 4 September 2012.
  5. D. Mavroskoufis, “Strategies for the use of primary sources and the teaching methodology”, in A. Pallikidis [Ed], Aspects of the Nazi phenomenon. Thessaloniki: Epicentro, 2013.
  6. D. Mavroskoufis, “Learning Environments”, In L. Anderson [Ed.], Dynamic Teaching Tools. Thessaloniki: CDRSEE, 2013.
  7. D. Mavroskoufis, “Memory, Forgetting, and History Education in Greece: The Case of Greek Jews as an Example of Catastrophe Didactics”, International Journal of Humanities and Social Science 2 (18), 2012, pp. 55-64
  8. D. Mavroskoufis, “The educational demoticism before and after incorporation of Macedonia in Greek state”, Philologos 153 (2013)