ILIOPOULOU, Konstantina

Laboratory Teaching Staff
111 ΠΚ
Research Interests: 
  • Teaching Language
  • Teaching Greek as a second/foreign language
  • Alternative assessment in Language L1/L2
  • CLIL
Selected Publications: 


  1. Iliopoulou, K.  Paedagogical use of students’ errors on learning Greek as a second or foreign language.Κaterini: Τertios, 2015.
  2. Zaga, El.& Iliopoulou, K. Assessing oral competence in Greek as an L1.Thessaloniki: Vanias, 2015.
  3. Iliopoulou, K & Plousiou, M. 7 Steps in Poetry. Teaching Greek as a second/foreign language through poetry (ebook). Thessaloniki: Fylatos, 2019.


Chapters in books

  1. Anastasiadou, A., Iliopoulou, K., Karountzou, G., Zorbas, V. “Investigating teachers’ attitudes concerning school violence in the Greek educational system”.  In Ancho, I.V., Palces, K.R. (eds.), School Violence: Risk Factors, Prevention and Challenges. Hauppauge, New York: Nova Science Publishers, ISBN: 978-1-53615-835-9 (ebook) Library of Congress Control Number:2019943963 Published by Nova Science Publishers, Inc. † New York, 2019.
  2. Iliopoulou, K. “A creative writing teaching scenario for students leaning Greek as a second/foreign language in secondary education”.In Nikolaidou, S. (ed) Creative writing at school» (ebook). Athens: Μetaihmio, pp 221-241, 2015.


Journal publications/selected papers

  1. Iliopoulou, K. & Kapsambeli, M. “The use of the Ancient Greek Literature in teaching Greek as a Second / Foreign Language in Primary School children”. Theory and Research in EducationThematic Volume:  Intercultural education and teaching Greek as a second/ foreign language.Patra,44 (53-78).  ISSN: 2407-9669. Available at, 2019.
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