Assistant Professor
OB 216ζ
Research Interests: 
  • Knowledge and pedagogic practices in the contemporary environments of education and lifelong learning
  • Sociological analysis of the education policy, and especially of higher education policies
  • Education/training and professional identities of teachers
  • Social/ educational inequalities and policies/ practices of inclusion
Selected Publications: 
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  3. Α. Sarakinioti, & A. Tsastaroni, “Discipline and Knowledge in the era of competencies”, in G. Stamelos, (ed.), For a poetics of the educational landscape, Ten years after… dedicated to the memory of Joseph Solomon, Volume I. Athens: Alexandreia 2011, pp. 240-267.  (In Greek)
  4. Α. Sarakinioti, & A. Tsatsaroni, (2010), “Curricula and pedagogic identities in the education of teachers in Greece: An analysis model”, in V. Koulaidis & A. Tsatsaroni (eds.), Pedagogic Practices: Educational research and education policy. Athens: Metaixmio 2010, pp. 179-224.  (In Greek)
  5. Α
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