Research units


  • Research Centre for Textbooks and Intercultural Studies (ΚΕSΒΙDΕ)

The Centre has operated as the continuation of the ‘Research Unit for Textbooks’, after the respective decision of the Senate, since 1.7.1999. It was founded in 1992 at the initiative of Panagiotis D. Xochelis, now professor emeritus, and has been operating in the framework of the Department of Education. It is also integrated in the international UNESCO network, along with other similar institutes and research centres from all over the world. At the same time, it collaborates with scientists and other research centres from other Balkan countries that deal with relevant scientific issues. The Head of the centre is currently Kyriakos Bonidis, associate professor, while the deputy Head is Anastasia Kesidou, assistant professor.


  • Historical Archive of Modern Greek Education (IANE)

Founded at the initiative of Nikolaos P. Terzis, now professor emeritus, the Archive operates in the framework of the Department of Education, aiming mainly at: a) collecting, classifying and preserving the archives and sources that have to do with the History of Modern Greek Education, b) processing and utilizing the collected material, and c) carrying out research on the history of education itself. The Historical Archive of Modern Greek Education has already collected some significant initial sources and a considerate amount of archival material concerning the educational movement in the wider Balkan region during the last period of the Ottoman Empire. Research programmes have been carried out for the utilization of this material, while new research is undertaken regarding the educational and cultural activity of the Greek population and the Greek communities in the 18th and the 19th century.


  • Centre for Research and School Support in Issues of Administration and In-service Training (KERYSDE)

This Centre constitutes a research unit of the Department of Education and has been operating since September 2004 (following the Rector’s Council decision), directed by Zoi Papanaoum, professor. It has the following main objectives: a) conducting research relating to the administration of schools and school-based teacher in-service training, b) providing advisory support to schools that wish to improve their administrative practice and enhance the professional knowledge of their teaching staff and c) compiling a database (implementation in other countries, bibliographical documentation, statistics), as well as an archive of relevant educational and training material.