Assistant Professor
OB 214
Research Interests: 
  • Modern Philosophy: Metaphysics, Philosophy of Nature, Theory of Knowledge
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Pre-Revolutionary and Post-Revolutionary French Philosophical Thought – Contemporary French Philosophy
  • Political Philosophy
Selected Publications: 
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  2. D. Athanasakis, Reason and Desire in Spinoza’s Philosophy, Villeneuve d’Ascq: A.N.R.T. 2010.
  3. D. Athanasakis, The Contribution of Philosophy in Natural Sciences Teaching: The Philosophy of H. Bergson and the Concept of Time. Applications in Physics Teaching [D.Th.], University of Thessaly, 2006.
  4. D. Athanasakis, “Spinoza: Questions of Onto-geometry”, Forthcoming.
  5. D. Athanasakis, “Topics in the Theory of Knowledge, the History and the Philosophy of Science from Descartes to Hume” [e-Textbook], Hellenic Open University, School of Humanities, UC: Studies in European Civilization, 2014.
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