GOLITSIS, Pantelis

Assistant Professor
OB 208ε
Full CV: 
Research Interests: 
  • Ancient Philosophy with focus on Aristotle, Neoplatonism and the Commentators on Aristotle
  • Byzantine Philosophy
  • Medieval Philosophy (Logic – Metaphysics)
  • Early Modern Greek Philosophy (18th cent.)
Selected Publications: 
  1. Les Commentaires de Simplicius et de Jean Philopon à la Physique d’Aristote. Tradition et innovation, coll. «Commentaria in Aristotelem Graeca et Byzantina» 3, Berlin-New York: Walter de Gruyter 2008.
  2. Aristotle: Progression of Animals & Motion of Animals. Introduction, Translation and Notes by P. Golitsis [in Greek], Athens: nesos 2017.
  3. “Α Byzantine philosopher’s devoutness to God: George Pachymeres’ poetic epilogue to his Commentary on Aristotle’s Physics”, in B. Bydén & Κ. Ierodiakonou (eds.), The Many Faces of Byzantine Philosophy, Athens: Publications from the Norwegian Institute at Athens 2012, pp. 109-127.
  4. “John Philoponus on the third book of Aristotle’s De anima, wrongly attributed to Stephanus”, in R. Sorabji (ed.), Aristotle Re-Interpreted. New Findings on Seven Hundred Years of the Ancient Commentators, London: Bloomsbury Publishing 2016, pp. 393-412.
  5. “Alexandre d’Aphrodise, Simplicius, et la cause efficiente de l’univers”, in A. Balansard & A. Jaulin (eds.), Alexandre d'Aphrodise et la métaphysique aristotélicienne, Leuven: Peeters 2017, pp. 221-239.
  6. “ἐσέντζια, ὀντότης, οὐσία: George Scholarios’ philosophical understanding of Thomas Aquinas’ De ente et essentia and his use of Armandus de Bellovisu’s commentary”, in D. Searby (ed.), Never the Twain Shall Meet: Latins and Greeks learning from each other in Byzantium, Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, in print.
  7. “Der Begriff der Physis im späten Neuplatonismus”, in D. Koch, I. Männlein-Robert & N. Weidtmann (eds.), Platon und die Physis, Tübingen: Attempto (Tübinger Phänomenologische Bibliothek), in print.
  8. “Un commentaire perpétuel de Georges Pachymère à la Physique d’Aristote, faussement attribué à Michel Psellos”, Byzantinische Zeitschrift 100 (2007), pp. 637-676.
  9. “Is philosophy in Byzantium anti-Byzantine?” [in Greek with English abstract], Deukalion 28/2 (2011), pp. 50-74.
  10. “Collation but not contamination: on some textual problems of Aristotle’s Metaphysics Kappa 1065a 25sqq”, Revue d’Histoire des Textes 10 (2015), σ. 1-23.
  11. “On Simplicius’ life and works : a response to Hadot”, Aestimatio 12 (2015), σ. 56-82.
  12. “Editing Aristotle’s Metaphysics: A Response to Silvia Fazzo’s Critical Appraisal of Oliver Primavesi’s Edition of Metaphysics Alpha”, Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie 98 (2016), σελ. 458-473.