Χοντολίδου Ελένη
Associate Professor
ΟΒ 216ζ
Full CV: 
Research Interests: 
  • Literature Education
  • Curriculum Studies: design and evaluation of literature & language projects
  • Cultural Studies (identities, otherness, subjectivity)
  • Literacy Studies. 
Selected Publications: 
  1. Eleni Hodolidou “Literature in the English and Greek Secondary Curriculum: a comparative Study” paper presented in the 13th CESE Conference in Copenhagen, 28th June 1994, Tertium Comparationis: Journal für Internationale Bildungsforschung, 1995, 1(2), 81-95.
  2. Eleni Hodolidou & Costas Lamnias (2002) “The Pedagogic Discourse of the Center for the Greek Language: The Case of Elektronikos Komvos (Electronic Network)-A Site for the Support of Greek Language Teaching”, Paper Presented at The Eighth International Literacy & Education Research Network Conference on Learning, Dimotiko Skolio of Spetses, Spetses, Greece, 4-8 July 2001, Offprint from: Learning for the Future Proceedings of the Learning Conference 2001 Edited by Bill Cope and Mary Kalantzis. http://elenihondilidou.cgpublisher.com/
  3. Eleni Hodolidou “‘Reading’ Second Chance Schools within the theory of Basil Bernstein” Paper Presented at The tenth International Literacy & Education Research Network Conference on Learning, Institute of Education, University of London 15-18 July 2003, International Journal of Learning, 10, 2003 Edited by Mary Kalantzis & Bill Cope. http://LearningConference.Publisher-Site.com/
  4. Eleni Hodolidou, Alkisti Chronaki, Fenia Frangoulidou, Maria Kelepouri, Efi Kipouropoulou “Examining National Identity through School Discourse” http://elenihondilidou.cgpublisher.com/product/pub.26/prod.14
  5. Eleni Hodolidou “The Multiliteracies Challenge in the Field of Adult Education: the case of the Greek Second Chance Schools” This paper is published at http://HumanitiesJournal.Publisher-Site.com a series imprint of the UniveristyPress.com, International Journal of the Humanities, Volume 1, 2003 http://ijh.cgpublisher.com/product/pub.26/prod.220
  6. http://elenihondilidou.cgpublisher.com/
  7. Eleni Hodolidou “Re-Inventing national identity through cultural activities: the example of the project ‘Greece in Britain’”, στο Τσουκαλά, Κυριακή/Ελένη Χοντολίδου/Αναστασία Χριστοδούλου & Γιώργος Μιχαηλίδης επιμ. (2004). Σημειωτικά Συστήματα και Επικοινωνία: πράξη, διάδραση, περίσταση και αλλαγή. Θεσσαλονίκη: Ελληνική Σημειωτική Εταιρεία-Παρατηρητής, 133-150.
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