KOKORIS, Dimitris

Κόκορης Δημήτρης
Associate Professor
OB 216α
Full CV: 
Research Interests: 
  • Literary Theory and Criticism
  • Relations between Philosophy and Literature
  • Greek Literature (especially 19th and 20th century)
  • Aesthetic Currents of Modern Greek Literature
Selected Publications: 
  1. Aspects of Relations between Left and  Literature During the Interwar Period 1927-1936, Patras : Achaic Publishing 1999.
  2. "A fire. Poetry". Comments on the Work of Yannis Ritsos, Athens: Sokolis 2003.
  3. Poetic Rhythm. Modernity and Traditional Expression, Thessaloniki : Nissides 2006.
  4. Translated Poetry. Teaching and Critic Proposals, Thessaloniki : Center of Comparative Literature  and Publications Sfakianakis 2007.
  5. Introduction and selection of critical texts in the edition  Introduction to the Poetry of Ritsos, Heraklion : Crete University Press 2009.
  6. "Word naked". Introduction to the Work of Dinos Christianopoulos, Thessaloniki : Nissides 2011.
  7. Introduction and anthology of critical texts in the edition  On  Ioannou. Critical Essays, Nicosia : Aegean Publishing 2013.
  8. “New Technologies in Teaching Literature - Interpreting  the Poetry of Cavafy” in  E. Myrogianni – D. Mavroskoufis (eds.), Philologists on Computer,  Athens : Kaleidoscope 2004, pp. 93-107 / 223-224.
  9. “Profili degli autori e note al testi”[= “Poetic Portraits: Ideology, Technique, Bibliography”, Translated into Italian: Nicola Crocetti], in N. Crocetti – F. Pontani (eds.), Poeti Greci del novecento, , Milan : Mondadori 2010, p. CVI and pp. 1648 - 1847, see also the online edition www.diapolitismos.net.
  10. “Yiannis Ritsos’ Martiries  and the Poetics of Materiality”, International Journal of Humanities and Social Science (USA – print and online versions), vol. 1, No 19, 2011-2012, see also the online edition www.diapolitismos.net
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